My clutter weakness

Hello Friends,

I’ve had to do a lot of clearing and tidying in a very short space of time as we have had some visitors to stay recently.  I find letting go of clothes relatively easy, but when it comes to books, they have to be prised out of my hands.

By chance I went to a church book sale the other week.  I wasn’t expecting very much, but it was amazing – a huge room packed with books, all laid out neatly and sorted by subject.  I belong to a book club, and I always look out to borrow or pick up book club books as cheaply as I can.  On the biography table I spotted these three:

2015-09-09 21.56.21The Clare Balding book is on our book club list for this year, so I picked it up, along with the other two which I have wanted to read for a while.  Total cost?  £1.50.  So I got a frugal bargain, but I am going to have to pass them on when I have read them so I don’t add to the book clutter.

The other thing I did recently with one eye on the piles of books was to buy a Kobo when it was on offer.  Again, I’ve bought a couple of book club books when they were reduced, and at least they are out there in the ether somewhere.

What is your clutter weakness?

Until next time, Tawney


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