Autumn Harvest

Hello Friends,

It’s that time of year again where everything is coming in all at once.  My mini greenhouse and three raised beds have done very well.  I experimented with several different varieties of tomatoes and it has been great fun to find yellow, orange and purple tomatoes in the greenhouse as well as red ones.

IMG_0085The cucumbers were also a success.  I grew little ones and they were very tasty.  We’ve had loads of runner beans too.  The only things which didn’t do well were the courgettes.  I didn’t get a single one and I think it is because I grew them in full sunlight.  I will have to think about where I can put them next year.

We’ve had a good crop of plums and I’ve made some jam and am going to bottle the remainder.  I picked some sloes yesterday and need to get on with making some sloe gin for Christmas.  I’ve put a load of blackberries in the freezer ready to make jam later on when I have some spare time.

I would like to try and grow a bit more next year and put some more veg beds in and sort some fruit out.  I’ve got a couple of blackcurrant bushes which aren’t in a very good place, and the rhubarb I thought was dead has come back to life, but needs moving too.

How did your growing go this year?

Until next time,

Tawney x

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