Cutting my food bill and free stuff

Hello Friends,

My friends have often suggested to me that you can save money on food and have less waste by using a freezer.  I had a small half and half fridge / freezer, but OH and I had had an ongoing debate about buying a second freezer.  I just wanted a small one with drawers, nothing fancy.

A few weeks ago I entered a meat raffle.  The prize at the end of the month was £42 worth of meat from one of the local butchers.  I was lucky enough to win and ended up with a chicken, bacon, gammon steaks, mince and stewing steak.  I didn’t have space in my existing freezer for all this, so suggested to OH that we needed to go freezer shopping the following day.  One of my neighbours overheard us, and offered me their spare freezer for free!

OH and I wandered up Frugal Hill to collect the freezer the next day and popped our meat prize in it.  I later found out that our new freezer had belonged to another neighbour before that, so we truly are recycling.

Now I had a bit more freezer space, I have been able to buy half a pig from a friend who has a smallholding.  I have been doing much more batch cooking and am finding that there is much less waste than before.  I totted up our monthly spending this evening, and although it has just been a normal month, my food bill has halved.  I’m definitely wasting less and thinking much more about how to use the food I have effectively.

I’m  a freezer convert – what have your experiences of having extra freezer space been?

Until next time, Tawney x


Cutting my food bill and free stuff — 1 Comment

  1. I have a small freezer with three drawers and an American Fridge Freezer (hate it, came with the house so am waiting for it to break down!)

    I read somewhere that a freezer costs about £30 a year to run so I aim to make this in savings from yellow stickered food or own grown produce.

    It means that we hardly ever throw out food waste (I’ve learned that a lot more than I thought could be frozen), I can bulk buy and batch cook even though there is only two of us.

    I love my freezers (although I would love it even more if there was some kind of fridge freezer for sale in the UK which was 1/3 fridge and 2/3 freezer.