About me

Welcome to The Frugal Hill Way – I’m Tawney (after the owl that lives in the woods behind our house) and this blog is going to follow my journey towards a simpler, more fulfilling, richer life.

I’m live with OH and have two children, Edie who has just left university and is off to Uzbekistan to work for a year, and Bee who is just about to start her second year at university studying geology.   I’m working towards financial freedom, down shifting and self sufficiency and learning how to enjoy life with less consumption. I’m going to be writing about topics relating to these goals such as getting out of debt, saving money, frugal cooking, gardening, and changing our attitudes to what is important in life.

Why the title? I live on a hill on the edge of the Peak District in Derbyshire, UK surrounded by beautiful countryside. Many of my friends and acquaintances in the local community on the hill are living wonderfully frugal lives – and enjoying life too – so The Frugal Hill Way describes what we are all about.



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  1. Loving this blog. Am looking out for all the fellow Frugal Hillwayers and seeing which ones I recognise.

    Do we all now need to be very afraid. LOL.